Founded from Ashes. Weathered

in Battle. Seasoned for Change.

who are we

Stormborn is an active PvX community of gamers from across the U.S. and some from other countries.  Our community consists of a diverse group of players ages 18+. We are a chill, drama-free environment and we like it that way. As we intend on focusing on New World and Ashes of  Creation, we play many games to fill time, build the community and have fun together while we wait. We aim for greatness without the sacrifice of having fun in-game. Our members come from other games such as Black Desert Online, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Everquest 2 and many others.  

We currently play a wide range of games, but our primary focus is New World until Ashes of Creation launches.

► If you like playing with a group of people that are friendly and has that close-knit feel, wanting to build a fun environment no matter the guild size then this may be the place for you.

what we offer our members

Stormborn is a warm and welcoming community with experienced and dedicated officers. We pride ourselves in a place that you can grow with opportunities within our guild. We hold regular activities like movie nights, random game nights and giveaways for our guild members. Below is including (but not limited to) what we offer our Members:

• Achievement System (Badges) & Newsletter
• We encourage our members to set up their own events and activities alongside those set by the leadership.
• Guild members have input/voice within Stormborn. Leadership has an open door for feedback.

We welcome members who are mature and respectful of others. Dedicated players with experience in GvG, Sieges, Arena, Raids, Dungeons and looking for dedicated Crafters. We are looking for players who enjoy PvE content as well as PvP, we believe that in any game a presence in both areas is required to succeed. We expect our members to be active and strive to improve their Gear and Skills. We don't require a set amount of hours to be played but expect our members to be efficient with their available time. We are looking for those who are comfortable with communicating both in text and voice chat. We strongly believe that interacting in text chat, voice chat (Discord) and socializing with your own guild is a major aspect in any game. Being on voice chat is not required, however on certain occasions, it is best to hop on even if it's to listen.

Players from all regions are welcomed, just remember our main language is English so please have that in mind as we would need to communicate effectively. We also welcome streaming and video content creators.

what type of players are we looking for

Ashes of creation details

Stormborn is aiming to enjoy everything that Ashes of Creation has to offer while maintaining and developing the node we are a part of. We will organize raids, dungeons, world exploration, PvP Arenas, small to large scale PvP, jobs and more as our numbers grow.


Server Region:  North America

Language:  English

Guild Leader:  Kumary#1000
Officers:  Tecguy#7473, Cj_Killer77#0117 and Hypothermix#3611


Recruitment Requirements:
• Age 18+
• Working Microphone
• Players who know how to have fun, yet be respectful of others
• Players who know how to be efficient with their available game time
• Semi to Hardcore Players that are dedicated and competitive with experience in GvG, Sieges, Arena and Raids
• Players who strive to improve their gear and skills
• Players who enjoy both PvE and PvP content, we believe in AoC a unity in both areas is needed to succeed - We welcome Crafters
• Players who are active and comfortable with interacting on text chat and voice chat (Discord). Socializing with your own guild is a major aspect in any game

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