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April 2020


We're Back!

stormborn is calling

ark survival evolved


We are back in Ark Valguero after almost a year.  Ark is an amazingly fun and addicting game, yet has scarred many people over the years.  We are playing on official PVP, which is not for everyone, but the group we have playing is having fun and working hard to secure a more permanent base location.

If you are interested in joining, visit the #ark-survival channel in the discord.

new world Awaits

the dreaded delay


New World has been delayed.  It pains us to see the game delayed until August, but many are ok with it as long as the game is complete and not a glitch fest when it launches.

Stormborn still has plans to have two companies in game and some of us are playing Ark while we wait.  We have ramped up our game and movie nights so that if Ark isn't your thing, there is some side game going on to help pass the time.  Pummel Party, Rocket League, League of Legends, Warzone, just to name a few.

articles by our members


delayed trip to


by Rathion

Hello everyone, and thank you for choosing Aeternum Boatways. I am sorry to announce our shipment date has been delayed due to an...



run from raptor simulator

by Tecguy

What keeps our sanity during a quarentine?  Dying over and over a by various animals that may or may not have existed long ago...


member highlight


what got you hooked on gaming? 

Super Mario 3 when I was a kid. For online gaming it was EQ2 (Inquisitor/sage).


what do you do for a living? 
Mom of 3 and RN


tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself

• I'm not a very open person (introvert) husband Derroc convinced me to fill this out 

• I love doing crafty things...just finished sewing a dress for my daughter last week. 

• I was homeschooled through middle and high school.


do you have a pet?
Dog: Dexter. Not exactly sure what breed, we got him when he was 2. ..he is now 14 and is quite possibly the laziest dog on the planet.

favorite activity to do during quarantine?

I Have been re-watching Psych episodes.


member highlight

image0 (2).png

what got you hooked on gaming?
I played Super Nintendo when I was 4 but what really got me into gaming was 007 goldeneye and super smash brothers on N64.


what do you do for a living?
I’m a low voltage technician that works on networking cables, cameras, and security systems. About to go back to school for computer science.


tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself
• I’m colorblind
• I enjoy building computers
• I used to draw a lot.


do you have a pet?
I have a short haired tabby cat named Lucky

favorite activity to do during quarantine?

Not work and spend time with my wife

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leader highlight


what got you hooked on gaming?
I could say the first game that got me hooked on gaming would be Halo. My first console I ever own was playstation 2 playing anything and everything then moved to Xbox 360 when halo 3 came out. I’ve always been a FPS gamer till I started playing pc 3-4 years ago and have been heavy into RPGs and MMOs ever since.


what do you do for a living?
I am working for Unilever as a Filler. We make hair and body products.


tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself

I’m a river rat,

I'm a night owl,

I have 4 tattoos,


do you have a pet?
I have a pit Bull name daisy she is the sweetest dog ever! She is 3 years old and my daughter's best friend!

favorite activity to do during quarantine?

My favorite activity to do during the quarantine is working on my old 1977 ford 150

image0 (1).png

what got you hooked on gaming?
I honestly can’t remember that far back to what exactly got me hooked. I started gaming at around 4 yrs old but I have fond memories of Ms Pacman and pong lol and Super Mario Bros on NES. My first true addiction was Medal of Honor Allied Assault when I was 13 and I bought my first PC specifically for that game because my brother kept kicking me off of his computer lol


what do you do for a living?
My job has been broadcasting on Twitch for over 5 years. I also sing sometimes professionally. I’m currently going to beauty college to get my license in Cosmetology.


tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself
• I’ve been singing for over 26 years
• I used to collect monkeys whether they be statues or stuffed animals.
• I used to act professionally when I was young.


do you have a pet?
I have a dog named Lulu. She is a Maltipoo (Maltese poodle mix) and a little over a year old

favorite activity to do during quarantine?

Streaming and gaming of course! And singing occasionally.

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stormborn newsletter april 2020

Copyright 2020, Stormborn Guild.  All Rights Reserved.  New World is a product of Amazon Game Studios.  As far as we know, Stormborn is the first to create a long format monthly newsletter and believe that many will follow suite.  We were first.  You read it here.  Ashes of Creation, Rocket League, Lost Oasis, Albion Online, and any other games or media mentioned is copyright their respective owners.

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