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Member Highlight:     Necachi

What game got you hooked on gaming?


I started playing Runescape after watching my dad play it and I've been playing since.

What do you do for a living?


I'm an Engineman in the US Navy.

Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself:
• I make balloon animals.
• Attempting to become a Navy Lawyer (JAG)
I like to run

Do you have a Pet(s)?

Daisy - Border Collie.

If your hometown had a candle scent, what would it be?

Copenhagen Wintergreen


Member Highlight:       Uatank

What game got you hooked on gaming?


I can't fully recall but I believe one of the first games I played were the Legend Of Zelda series. Since then, I have always enjoyed gaming with my brother, cousins and friends. Between all of us, we have every single console growing up and would always go to each others houses to play games and have awesome times! First MMO that I ever played that made me enjoy this genre was Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies. Best games in my opinion!

What do you do for a living?


I started my career in software engineer about 2 and a half years ago. I primarily focus on backend development on .NetCore in C#. Never planned to go into this field but always wanted to code/program. Never went to college for it but my brother got me an internship at the computer company he worked for at the time and I was there for about 8 months before they hired me and I have been there since. One of the best decisions of my life to go into this field. Before that, I was unsure as to what I wanted to do mainly because I had to always help out and work at my parents Flower shop. I am starting to branch out and create side apps with my brother for games and we may potentially branch out create our own company.

Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself:
• Some may already have guessed but I am Ukrainian which is why my discord name is UaTank. Ua is for Ukraine. It was something that few of our friends did when we ever played games together. We would all be the Tanks from different countries.
• I enjoy playing the piano and every Sunday I serve at my churches kids ministry as a pianist.
• Despite looking skinny, I do know Krav Maga. Not to much as I had to stop taking classes once I got my puppy. The school I went to is an hour away each way. But that doesn't mean I have forgotten how to defend myself. Especially from a gun! (although I have only learned a very specific scenario in which it is applicable)

Do you have a Pet(s)?

7 months ago i bought a beautiful Golden-doodle puppy named Abby! My brother and I both got one from the same litter so we have play-dates for them to visit each other and they just go joyfully ballistic when they see each other.

If you could have the power to turn into any animal at will, what would it be and why?

Tough question. Its a tie between a tiger and an eagle. Tiger is my favorite animal of all time. That would be the only reason really to turn into a tiger. An eagle on the other hand, would allow me to enjoy flight and just see things and places from a different perpective without the fear of falling.


Member Highlight:       Dessenya

What game got you hooked on gaming?


A really old, terrible, mmorpg called Fiesta. it came out in 2007 and I still play it daily

What do you do for a living?


Currently I am a food service assistant manager in an elementary school, which is just a fancy term for a lunch lady but that should change soon!

Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself:
• I flew a plane before i knew how to drive a car
• I was legally blind before I had cataract surgery at the age of 22 :)
• I am incredibly forgetful

Do you have a Pet(s)?

Yes! Her name is Remi, and she is a 2 year old Shiba Inu

If you could have the power to turn into any animal at will, what would it be and why??If I had the power to turn into any animal, I would choose a bird. Birbs are cute and they can fly, what's not to love? c:


stormborn newsletter April 2021

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