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official newsletter
issue no.17  july 2021


stormborn is calling

new worlds, new Adventures,new friends


What a month it has been.  We first kicked off the season with the release of Swords of Legends Online on July 9th.  Ashes of Creation Alpha 1 started on July 14th and the game everyone is excited for, New World, started it's beta on July 20th.  We had such a huge turn out for the day one beta.  We rushed to get 10k for a settlement in under 2 hours. 
To our shock and
surprise, the developers increased the settlement amount 10 fold, to 100k.  We then spent a few hours grinding it out to be 3rd to take a territory in our server.

Ashes of Creation is more of the same grind everyone has been doing for weeks on end.  Only lasting for a month is the major change here along with Sieges.  However, our one and only Eyeeric managed to get his account banned due to "hacking", but it wasn't him!  Almost a week passed, and he exchanged direct messages with Steven, for him to finally override the ban. Hopefully this is something Ashes/Intrepid and take note and look into protecting our account here on out.


articles by our members







Members Birthdays

July 2021 Birthdays.png

Member Highlight:        OGLich

what got you hooked on gaming? 

Definitely Command & Conquer: Generals. Best RTS game alongside Warcraft 1, 2 & 3 back in the day, my father sat me on his lap and let me go at it. Since then I have always been on the lookout for any new RTS games!

what do you do for a living? 
Currently I am a lifeguard. Completing my Bachelor in Software Development and looking to be a computer technician.

tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself
• I am the Esports President of Seneca College (Canada).
• I have built/helped build over 15 PCs.
• I collect game lore and merch. (Books, plushies, figurines). I have to yet complete my Diablo (favorite franchise) collection (missing the first collectors edition).


do you have a pet?
I do!! Her name is MIMI. She is a Blue Russian and she is a LOVABLE PANCAKE ❤️

If you could have an endless supply of one type of food, what would it be?
Soup. Because I can theoretically argue that everything is soup... martini? sounds like soup to me...😄


Member Highlight:        Xicoph

what got you hooked on gaming? 

Super Mario Bros original SNES we played it with my brother until there was no moonlight. Then we got into Finasl Fantasy Mystic Quest which introduced us to the JRPG and turn based genre, from there our first MMO was Lineage 2 and it's downhill from that, Guild Wars 1 and 2, Ragnarok Online, Destiny 1 and 2, hopefully New World and Ashes of Creation in the near future.

what do you do for a living? 
I'm a board certified Vitreoretinal Surgeon and Scientific Speaker at international medical meetings. As a side project I'm currently the Creative Director and Lead Game Designer at Andes Studio currently working on project Magallanes a mobile deck building, roguelike RPG.

tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself
• I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue.
• Very blessed to have a beautiful wife and daughter, hopefully she becomes a gamer.
• As a doctor I usually pick healing classes but I'm making the transition to a more tank support role

do you have a pet?
2 rescued dogs, mixed breed Sofia (currently blinded by Ehrlichia) and Bruno (Sofis's lost son)

If you could have an endless supply of one type of food, what would it be?
Arabic Food specially Palestinian - Lebanese all the way!! I'm talking about Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Labneh, Hummus, Sfiha, Kibbeh, Shawarma, Falafel, Maamoul all that good stuff with a bit of Zaatar on the side

Xicoph Family.jpg

Member Highlight:     IncaBlack

what got you hooked on gaming? 

City of Heroes!!! I am, til this day, in love with superheroes and the idea of becoming one was fantastic. City of Heroes changed my life and got even better with City of Villains. COH was my introduction into MMOs but, before that it was Final Fantasy IX that made me love playing as characters and watching stories unfold on the screen between characters I brought through incredible situations. I first played when I was 10, I believe. I was also obsessed with the Sims as my first PC game. Brings back a warm feeling.

what do you do for a living? 
Be sexy. That's it.
Many may not believe this but, I am a spiritual being and I have truly trusted in the universe and have manifested a comfy life that gives me time to explore my dreams, like starting a podcast called " The Rainbow Dating Game" to create a safe, healthy and blissful dating community for the LGBTQIA and invest into the stock market. I'm also looking at other avenues of growing my money. For anyone who thinks it's airy-fairy, tell that to my bank account.

tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself
• My last name is my mother's Maiden Name and my mother is still married to my father.
• I have a Bachelor's Degree in Film
• I'm apart of the Screen Actor's Guild

do you have a pet?  Nope.

In your opinion, what is a useless but kind of cool/funny talent that you have?
It's not actually useless because i don't practice useless talents but, I can hypnotize myself and go into a deep trance burying my conscious and surfacing my subconscious. In the spiritual community, they also call it channeling. I've channel Mother Earth before, technically it was a piece of her because her energy is too massive to embody the whole thing.


Member Highlight:     Bakas

what got you hooked on gaming? 

The Game that got me hooked on gaming was Final Fantasy 1 on the NES. It was the first time I felt like I was on an actual adventure in a game

what do you do for a living? 
I have been working as a Border Patrol Agent since 2011.

tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself
• The only mode of transportation I owned from 16 years old to 24 was a motorcycle. I road it year around even in the snow. The best ride I took was a coastal roadtrip from San Diego to Seattle.
• I have been working on making a perfect cup of Masala Tea (Chia Tea Latte) for a couple of years now. It started as a one time attempted that has turned into an obsession.
• When I sweep and mop the floors I actually sing into the broom/mop handle.

do you have a pet? 
I have two cats, one named Greasy because I found her stuck inside the engine compartment of a vehicle at work.

My second cats names in Kitty. He has that name because every name we have come up with just doesn't fit. We have had all of our friends try to come up with names and none of us can agree on what name fits him. So he has stayed Kitty


If you could have an endless supply of one type of food, what would it be?
If I had to pick one food to have an endless supply of it would be cereal. Nothing beats waking up on a day off and enjoying a big bowl of cold cereal and watching some anime.


stormborn newsletter july 2021

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