new world is coming

We are just a few weeks away from New World Beta.  Our alpha testers have been hard at work making resource maps, routes, and learning all the game mechanics, so that we can be one step ahead of the everyone else.  We can't wait to share with you once the game opens for beta.



New World

By Rathion

In New World, you define your character. You can fine tune your attributes, weapons, armor builds, and playstyle any way you want. You start off with a base stat of 5 in each of your attributes...

Art Corner

By MojoHamster

Welcome to the first entry of Art Corner.  I encourage you all to submit your own articles on anything you like doing with crafting, art, hobbies, heck even gaming: show us that sweet mod!

As for me, I love painting miniatures...

Recipe Corner

By Kroh

I decided to share a recipe that I absolutely love and has changed my distaste for chicken meals (more of a beef eater personally).  The meal is commonly referred to as “Mississippi Chicken”.  My wife tried out this...


Ashes  Of Creation


Ashes Recap June 

By Shadow ven

Intrepid Studios continues to work from home during this time due to Covid-19. 
As of this time, they are beginning the process of moving out of their current studio and will be moving into the new one in late August.


map of our members


member highlight

what got you hooked on gaming? 



what do you do for a living? 


tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself

  • I'm 6'4"

  • My IQ is 135

  • I have a Mennonite Background


do you have a pet?
None, I already have three children.

toilet paper, over or under?



member highlight


what got you hooked on gaming?
Probably starcraft, or WoW.  While I played SC1 at a young age (I'm 29) I started to really appreciate RTS for its unique competitive value.  WoW was good. I got in at the beginning of BC and quit just after WoTLK.  I feel like I had a prime seat in some of the best times of that game and I really enjoyed it while it was still interesting to me.

what do you do for a living?
I'm a mechanical engineer, I work in Aerospace manufacturing.


tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself

  • I worked at Space X for like 3 months in an internship

  • I build my own rockets, which I launch at a wastewater site

  • I used to build race cars with Formula SAE.


do you have a pet?
Yes I have a puppers, named Alessi, she is 8 months old now and she's great. She's a golden doodle.

leader highlight


what got you hooked on gaming?
Console-wise it was Super Mario, I remember my father didn't want to buy us (my siblings) anything game related and whenever I would go visit my friends house I just wanted to play. Then when I was old enough to get my own PlayStation, I was hooked on Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and God of War. Then for computer-wise it was Oregon Trail LOL! Again my father didn't like us playing, so he would limit how much time we could play so never saw the end, but either way the people on my wagon would get sick and die. Now my true online gaming experience with my own computer and "no restrictions" was Silkroad Online. I played this game for many years with great memories. I also remember friends trying to convince me to play World of Warcraft cause it was pretty new, but I was just not interested in WoW. The game that made me decide to leave Silkroad Online was Aion. I mained a Ranger and also many great memories.


what do you do for a living?
Besides running an amazing community? I work in an office that administers certified license examinations. My title is Administrative Assistant and Exam Project Coordinator...yea its a mouth full, but I pretty much do everything from regular Admin Duties to even Tech related issues annnnnnd I'm not even that tech savvy but definitely know a lot more than those at work, so that's saying a lot LOL. Now if you're wondering what type of examinations? We handle Code Enforcement, Florida Construction, Environmental Health, Dentist, Pilots...just to name a few. Putting my RL job to the side, the guild has become my second job. Rarely will I take a day off and it's not easy...however working my ass off to get it where it is today has been worth it and I am very glad to have such an amazing team that I look forward to playing the games to come.


tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself

  • I write and eat with my left hand, but do everything else with my right hand

  • I used to stutter when I was younger and had to take speech lessons

  • 90% of the time I go out, I get compliments on my hair and even had people ask if they could touch my hair...


do you have a pet?
I have a beautiful crazy and funny Boston Terrier named Kyra.  I don't have any children, so she is my baby in the meantime.  She was born January 31, 2014 and I had her since she was 4 months old.  She's the highlight of my day (besides Tecguy of course lol) and when I get home, she goes crazy like she hasn't seen me for a month.  She usually brings me her toys or her personal blanket so we can play. She's very smart too... she knows many tricks including how to play dead and close the door for me.  I'm proud to be a Dog Mommy.

toilet paper, over or under?

Well, I worked 10 years in the Hotel Industry, so I will say over....but I know there are cat owners that will disagree and say under hahaha. So I guess it all depends on the person and in reality it doesn't matter.

stormborn newsletter june 2020

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