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official newsletter

march 2020

newworld logopng.png

coming may 2020

stormborn is calling

new world


One of the most anticipated MMORPGs coming in 2020 is New World.  We are so excited to be joining in on the fun.  Stormborn's signups are pretty full, and we anticipate having a completely full active company in game.  Maybe enough for two.  You must be active to retain your spot in the company, so please check out the rules for Stormborn's New World company.

Earlier this month some of Stormborn's leadership received alpha keys and we have been testing the game with many others.  We cannot go into too much detail because we are under a non-disclosure agreement, but Rathion has wrote and article on everything that is currently public knowledge. 

articles by our members


new world, new me

by Rathion


Multiple people can buy the same house but when you step in yours will be the one that loads in, this will also work when visiting a friend’s house...



ashes march update

by Fragmania

Hello fellow gamers Fragmania here to bring you your Ashes of Creation news from the past month. First, I hope all of you are doing well and that you are taking care of yourself and...



rockets & guns

by Tecguy

Side games is a key part of our guild as we gear up and get ready to play New world.  If you didn't know, we have members active daily in games like Rocket League... 


member highlight

Lexunex (1).png

what got you hooked on gaming? 

Fable II and Dead Island back when I had my first xbox 360 console. Recently I have been super into Destiny 2 and any other games that keep my attention for long periods of time.


what do you do for a living? 
Serve for the americorp in a school and tutor kids on reading which currently isn’t happening with the schools being shut down until Mid-April. I also work at Best Buy in asset protection.


tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself
I am decent at drawing and its my favorite hobby to do outside of video games, I traveled across Europe in 2014 with a group called the Iowa Ambassadors of Music and I would gladly go back to visit if it wasn’t for money, and my clan in destiny 2 calls me their cartographer for my ability to read maps so well.


do you have a pet?
I don’t have any pets but my roommates have 2 cats that are adorable. Their names are Ranke and Nietszche.


member highlight

Rathion (1).png

what got you hooked on gaming?
I started out playing donkey kong racing back as a kid. That love evolved into platformers, RPGs, shooters, and then finally MMO's


what do you do for a living?
I work as a cable tech and support my wife while she goes through pharmacy school


tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself
I used to live in South Korea, Father played baseball ( I won’t divulge any further on this), and I have 3 tattoos...2 of which are harry potter themed.


do you have a pet?
I do not have a pet at this time, but the Wife and I aspire to have a golden retriever and a corgi someday

leader highlight


what got you hooked on gaming?
1989, My grandma gave me and my brother am Atari 2600.  My brother at the time was in High school and had a job, he got the original NES like 3 months later. I dabbled in those consoles, but It wasn't until I received a Super Nintendo for Christmas 1991 that I had my own console and could play it virtually anytime I could.  I stayed with Nintendo through the N64 and then Got a Playstation 1 the next year. PS2, Xbox, Gamecube all came in that order before I had my own PC powerful enough to play games. It was Baldur's Gate that was the first game I played on PC, then Command and Conquer. I dabbled in ultima online until WoW was released and I was addicted.


what do you do for a living?
I am an Audio Visual Technician.  I have mixed sound live for big names like Linkin Park, Disciple, Bret Michaels, Flo Rida, and Chainsmokers to name a few.  My camera work has been on ESPN and national morning news. Hence the name Tecguy.


tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself

1. I work on cars as a hobby

2. I ride motorcycles

3. Indie Game Developer

4. BONUS - Kumary is the best Girlfriend in the Galaxy!


do you have a pet?
No personal pet, just Kumary's dog Kyra - Boston Terrier


stormborn newsletter march 2020

Copyright 2020, Stormborn Guild.  All Rights Reserved.  New World is a product of Amazon Game Studios.  As far as we know, Stormborn is the first to create a long format monthly newsletter and believe that many will follow suite.  We were first.  You read it here.  Ashes of Creation, Rocket League, Lost Oasis, Albion Online, and any other games or media mentioned is copyright their respective owners.

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