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What is Stormborn Up to?


We had a few interests in other games to play as a group as we wait for New World and Ashes of Creation. Many are itching for a new release game, that being said, a few Sign-up Spreadsheets have been setup for those interested in playing these upcoming releases (MMOS). 2 are Free to Play, 1 is TBD and the other is the sign-up for New World...


Stormborn Articles


by: Xicoph


Hey there, it is Xicoph again your resident Stormborn eye doctor. Dry eye syndrome is a general term that describes the state of the front of the eye in response to a breakdown in the natural layer of tears that coats the front of the eye, called the tear film...

AoC October recap


The Ashes of creation team started this month with an announcement of the Glorious Gourd Contest which lasted from October 2nd until October 27th. The Grand Prize of the contest had won a brand new AMD graphics card.....

by: wintery


While we await the release of the next playable alpha/beta for Ashes of Creation and New World, Stormborn has continued to make progress in other MMOs and games. We currently have active communities in the MMOs Guild Wars 2, Destiny 2, Star Citizen, Eve Online and the iconic World of Warcraft (retail version)...

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Map of our Members & Birthdays

Stormborn Member MAP - NEW.png
October Birthday.png

Member Highlight:       Cruz

What game got you hooked on gaming?
The game that got me hooked on gaming was Tibia Online, it actually was also the game that got me hooked on MMOs.

What do you do for a living?

I am an Architectural Detailer for precast concrete or simply a autocad/revit monkey.

Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself:
I was in one of the last active long range recon(LRS) infantry units
      from 2007-2013, til it got disbanded.

   • I was born with two extra fingers! I got them removed around
     middle school.
   • I'm the only Dominican (that I know of) who cant dance.


Do you have a Pet(s)?

I have two beautiful cats Bob Ross and Zephyr.

How would your friends describe you?

Most people I know would probably describe me as chill and an introvert.


Member Highlight:           Lucifer

What game got you hooked on gaming?
I believe it was back in 2002 I was offered to play World of Warcraft with my one of my best friends. I hopped on the game and found my self becoming addicted very quickly.
I was able to roam from city to city questing. Killing. Aiding my allies, and once I reached max level my addiction only grew vastly more superior. I took on Raids and multiple dungeons. The intensity growing only stronger by the day. I would find my self playing this game for thirteen years almost every day.

What do you do for a living?

I am a veteran and cannot work. Instead I am living a life that’s similar to a retirement. Instead of a job I am building a tiny home if that counts. I have plans to make it go completely off the grid, and am hoping to complete it within the next few months.

Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself:
I am a vegan.
   • I started a non-profit chapter of an organization called
     Anonymous for the Voiceless in Portland, Oregon.
   • I served in the United States Marine Corp.

   • Bonus: The Greater Bilby is my favorite animal.

Do you have a Pet(s)?

I have an old dog Her name is Millie she is a rescue. I consider her to be my daughter, and I treat her like a little princess.

How would your friends describe you?

Most people see me as quite, reclusive.. and tend not to be very talkative. However, with this family we have here I have opened up quite a bit and talk a lot more.


Member Highlight:               Requiem

What game got you hooked on gaming?
Just about anything on Super Nintendo - probably, Zelda, Mario, and Mario Kart. The Saga of Ryzom got me hooked on MMOs. My favorite game of all-time being Guild Wars 1. I played it competitively and got my guild ranked in the top 20.

What do you do for a living?

I do sales strategy, planning, and analytics for a large hospitality company in the DC area. I'm basically the middle-man between corporate and our field sales team.

Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself:
I'm an amazing jump roper. I used to do a little boxing back

      in the day and got really good at it.
   • I was born in an American oil base/town in Saudi Arabia

      surrounded by walls and armed guards (I'm actually

      ethnically Pakistani but never lived there). American law

      inside, Saudi law outside. The town was specifically built

      for a company my dad worked for. See the movie: The

      Kingdom with Jamie Foxx.

   • I've traveled to 16 countries so far - my favorite cities of all-

     time being Florence (most beautiful, honeymoon), Istanbul

     (culturally amazing), and Dubrovnik (most fascinating, Kings

     of Landing from GoT)

   • Bonus: I've custom build most of my PCs and plan to do so

      again early next year. My guilty pleasures are french fries

      (can never get enough) and a warm cinnamon bun. Lastly,

      I'm obsessed with my 15 old month daughter. She is the

      funniest person I know.

Do you have a Pet(s)?

Yes, a Persian cat named Oliver! We named him after Oliver Queen (Green Arrow). We got him from a shelter that found him in surviving in the woods by himself. Persian cats are considered very fancy/ its very raw to find them on the streets/woods. He naturally looks grump when you first met him, but after a while -- you don't see it anymore. He is extremely sweet, calm, and just wants to sit on your lap or be petted all the time.

How would your friends describe you?

Calm, level-headed, easy-going, friendly, and extremely detailed oriented. I tend to spend a lot of time analyzing every aspect of my life and games that I'm interested in. Likewise, I spend a lot of time thinking about the future (what I want to do, where I want to be, etc). I also really enjoy optimizing processes (personally/professionally).


* Unfortunately just after Requiem submitted his information and Picture, Oliver passed away. All of our condolences and love.

RIP Oliver 10/31/2020

Quartermaster Highlight:      Wintery

What game got you hooked on gaming?
Ocarina of Time was the first game I played that got me hooked on gaming and started my love for good stories in games. For MMOs, the very first one I played came from a small studio at the time Nexon. Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds. During that time most of the kids in the neighborhood were playing it and it was a fun time. Nexus is still going today though I have not touched it in years.

What do you do for a living?

I am a research associate at the USDA where we study and conduct honey bee research and develop new products and treatments that beekeepers can use. I love it because I get to spend a lot of my time outdoors in the apiaries but also in the lab playing with my beakers and test tubes.

Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself:
I’ve been snowboarding since I was a kid and have gotten

      pretty good at it.

   •  I enjoy backpacking and try to go on a few trips every year

       with friends
   •  I have 6 roommates

   •  Bonus: I participated in a crab cake eating contest, which,

       having been born in Maryland, I am contractually obligated

       to do.

Do you have a Pet(s)?

No pets =(
Sadly we cannot have any pets in the place I am renting but I would love to have one.

How would your friends describe you?

Always such a difficult question to answer. I like my nerdy activities of board games and video games but I also love to stay active and be outdoors. I played sports such as swimming and field hockey as a child and continued with it through college. I guess I like trying new things to do whether that is a game of DnD or going to a parkour gym. I would say I am both introverted and extroverted at the same time. So a bit all over the place =P

Wintery Friends.jpg

stormborn newsletter October 2020

Copyright 2020, Stormborn Guild.  All Rights Reserved.  As far as we know, Stormborn is the first to create a long format monthly newsletter and believe that many will follow suit.  We were first.  You read it here.

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