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a message from tecguy

Stormborn's store was created for members to show their love for us in real life.  All proceeds

from this store goes to supporting this site and other guild related things like giveaways.

Some members have expressed that they would like to donate to Stormborn.  We have provided a PayPal donate link below.  Please note your donation will support this website, discord, giveaways, gaming servers or any other guild related expense. Running Stormborn has become a full time job in of itself.  We as leaders can and have the ability to cover these costs, but as the guild has grown, the costs of running it has gone up and we want to future proof it.

If you have something you would like to donate or give away that is not a PayPal donation (game key, physical item), you can always contact Kumary#1000 on Discord.

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